Please help to save little girl’s life!

Please help to save little girl’s life!

Katerina Larionova’s age is only 4 years, two of which she's spent fighting a severe cancer. She has been diagnosed with the stage 4 of neuroblastoma., which took the doctors two months to discover. The following treatments, performed in Ukraine and Russia, were unsuccessful. As a result, local doctors almost gave up on little Katya (Katerina’s short name). After a long and exhausting search for a clinic, Katya's family came up with a clinic in Singapore (Mount Elisabeth Hospital). Unlike their Russian and Ukrainian colleagues, the doctors of hospital were more hopeful for the positive outcome of treatment. And their efforts were not in vain: after prolonged combined treatment (chemotherapy, surgery, radiation and bone marrow transplant) doctors made a miracle by expelling the cancer cells from the girl’s body. Little Katya stoically endured the pain and side effects of chemotherapy, and left the Singapore clinic in full remission, which was a victory for all who cared and helped her. Unfortunately, that victory was yet a temporary one.

For more than a year Katya struggled to lead a normal little girl’s life, while all medical check-ups were confirming her remission. Katya's family coped with incurred difficulties: the bone marrow transplant was working only at 60%, therefore, it was necessary to protect the girl against any infection. And their fear of recurrence was never gone completely, altogether with understanding of a vicious nature of neuroblastoma.

The result of January 2011 routine check-up came as a nightmare. Input MRI examination revealed difficult to cure tumour in the craniofacial region. Doctors believe that a single chemotherapy treatment is unlikely to help the girl, and the surest way is to carry out complex treatment including chemotherapy, MIGB-therapy and therapy with antibodies. Perhaps, also radiation treatment and the new bone marrow transplantation will be necessary. Thanks to the help of responsive people and the German charity fund, 71,500 euro has been collected to pay a deposit at the University Hospital of Greifswald, and on February 14 Kate started treatment on anti-relapse protocol.

According to the results of the examination, the clinic billed for the full course of treatment 206.750 Euros, which is an absolutely unfeasible sum of money to collect for an average family in Ukraine.

As unbelievable and devastating as it seems nowadays, a child's life can be measured with money. We are asking all people for all their possible help with raising the money necessary for Katya’s treatment.

Those who save a child save the world.

Please help to save Katya!

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Thank you !!!!!

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